FC 101 HVAC Drive  


VLT® HVAC Basic Drive

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive includes:

■ > 98% basic energy effi ciency

■ Automatic Energy Optimisation

■ User-friendly operation

■ Programming in 7 languages

■ Numerical or graphical

control panel

Save money

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive enables

the user fl exibility to select from a

range of functional performance

requirements to secure the best cost

advantage for their application needs.

Easy commissioning

Its Quick Menu wizzard makes normal

set-up and operation easy.

Maintenance free

Due to a series of self-protecting

and monitoring features, the

VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is maintenance

free, except for general cleaning.

Replacement of internal fans or

capacitors is normally not required.

Save space

Due to its ultra compact design, the

VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is easily

mounted inside a HVAC unit or panel,

reducing overall enclosure costs.

Fire Override Mode

Fire Override Mode helps keep fi re

escape routes free of smoke, overrides

the drive’s self-protecting

features and keeps the driven

equipment running as long as

possible in the event of fi re.

Activating Fire Override Mode will

ensure the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive

ignores “soft“ faults and alarms to

continue operation during essential

services such as a “fi re” command.

Integrated DC coils

The standard integrated DC coils also

ensure low harmonic load on the

network within EN 61000-3-12 and

increase the lifespan of the DC link

capacitors. They also ensure that the

drive can operate motors to their full


Danfoss also provides passive

solutions including 12/18 pulse

solutions, Advanved Harmonic Filters

(AHF), and active harmonic mitigation

for further protection against

harmonic disturbances of the supply


VLT® HVAC BasicDrive

product range:

3 x 200 – 240 ........................ 0.25 – 11 kW

3 x 380 – 480 V .....................0.37 – 90 kW

Available enclosure ratings:

■ IP 20

■ IP 21 w. kit

■ Type 1 w. kit

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is designed for simple fan and pump applications where the drive is used nearby

the motor. The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is designed to fi t compact and basic functional performance

HVAC applications, off ering simple control features and most common HVAC protocols for a limited

integration into your building management system.

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